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Chong Mai Qigong

CHONG MAI QIGONG is a CAREFULLY assembled method to release not ONLY the spine, but all tissues and joints associated with the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral and Coccyx spine.
CHONG MAI QIGONG is tonic for the ENTIRE central channel. This includes all the structure, blood, connective tissue, nerves, organs and glands.
Chong Mai is the Center Channel (Not Du or Ren Mai)
This set contains
  1. Spinal decompression
  2. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum loosening
  3. Swimming Dragon exercises
  4. Special stretching stances for chronic back issues
  5. Cervical/Sacral exercises for releasing nerves
  6. Chong Mai "testing" to see where your disturbances are
  7. How to us Chong Mai Qigong in real life
  8. 5 Element Spinal exercise


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