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Charlotte’s Center for All Natural, Drug Free Pain Relief! 

According to statistics, the number one reason that people don’t get acupuncture is because they are afraid of needles! We get better results with our no needle system, so we don’t need them, and neither do you!

At Charlotte Acu Bodywork, our philosophy is no pain, no drugs, no needles! We’ve been offering our no needle acupuncture style since 2014.

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    We use natural healing methods based on Traditional Asian medicine to help all types of people of all ages resolve different types of health issues like torn rotator cuffs, migraine headaches, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease, paralyzing sciatica, fibroids reduction and elimination, digestive difficulties…we’ve seen just about all of it in our clinic.

    One of the methods of healing we use is hydrogen therapy.  We use it ourselves and in clinic on clients.

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