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Kidney Qigong

Most Kidney QiGong fails to address fatigue in any practical way. It's mostly "relaxing", which is fine, but does NOTHING to build the energy reserves back up to fix the issue. There is LOTS of Bagua Jibengong, LOTS of Central Spine and Organ Tonification, LOTS of movement, and too much to name.This DVD will be over 2 hours long, and we believe it will be an asset to anyone with seasoning in Self Cultivation, or even the beginner. The only QiGong Set that addresses fatigue. Our Kidney QiGong is a combination of 5 sets: 1. Fu San Mountain Kidney QiGong 2. 8 Mudras, 8 Mother Palms + Circle Walking 3. Coiling QiGong for bone marrow 4. QiGong Squatting for whole body strength and health 5. Special Pai Da (self striking) for Kidney Yang

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