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Universal Nei Gong Vol. 1

The INTERNAL ENERGY most QiGong, Tai Chi and Yoga is missing.
One hour of instruction on the IDA/PINGALA + FIVE ELEMENTS Nei Kung, by Teacher Yadi Alamin aka The QiGong Therapist.
  1. Develop TRUE Qi flow.  Not superficial "only in your hands".
  2. Sharpen intuition and creativity.
  3. Immediately improve your energy body.
  4. Remove Toxic Qi picked up from other people, clients or outside forces.
  5. Harmonize and protect yourself ENERGETICALLY without buying Talisman, Amulets and gadgets.
  6. Take your QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga practice DEEPER than ever!
  7. Clean your meridians.  Dredge your channels.
  8. Develop Qi that penetrates into the central channel to open and clear Chakras.
  9. Sleep/Waking energy dramatically change.
  10. Learn to "see" through your hands.
  11. Control your heart rate.
  12. Control your body temperature.
The Story of Universal Nei Kung:
Years back, I was being trained in QiGong (Chee Gong) by a Teacher from China.  He showed me a ton of exercises for my internal organs, some breathwork, and lots of stances to stand in for hours a day.  He told me this was necessary for "High Level" Energy.
He had the ability to touch you ANYWHERE, and give you a strong sensation of "electricity" in any part of you!  He could touch your ear, and make your toes tingle.  His demonstrations were daily, and they amazed me.
When I got the nerve to ask him to show me how to do that, he smiled and said "keep practicing, I'll show you Nei Kung later".  He never showed me ANYTHING ELSE!
I searched all over the internet, buying programs, going to seminars, looking for anyone who had the "Nei Kung", only to find a handfull of people who taught totally different systems.
Some said "Nei Kung" is holding stances, doing small movements, or just breathing.  None of them had the skill my first teacher did!  I gave up and kept practicing my QiGong.
In 2008, as a gift for my birthday, my teacher (now Japanese) told me about his Tibetan arts.  Using his own knowledge of Martial Arts, Reiki, Traditional Medicine and Western Anatomy, he showed me how to use the mind to activate REAL energy in the body.  This wasn't "guided imagery"!  He would show you how to make your hand heat up and turn red with your mind in seconds.
I was convinced Nei Kung was not a specific tradition, but a system of principles that work in cooperation with your MIND, BODY AND CONSCIOUSNESS.  It took years of practice to develop the skill, and I've thrown many exercises away that wasted time, or didn't do anything for me.
When I became a REAL clinician (2007), I got sick a lot.  Learning Nei Kung kept and KEEPS me well and strong.  No pills, medicine or sorcery work.
UNIVERSAL NEI KUNG is a set of UNIVERSAL principles:  Fundamentals of every higher Energy System put into action.  This story is real.  Universal Nei Kung works like magic.  Not Magic, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL.
The Universal Nei Kung system is designed for people who come in contact with constant stress and mental/physical challenge.  If you’re a Massage Therapist, Nurse, Police Officer, Doctor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist or Social Worker, you will gain great advantage to practice these.

Lung Qigong

The Most Important QiGong Exercise Routine In Our Collection! *Learn energy points that open the body to allow breath to enter *Correct shallow breathing *Correct "false" deep breathing *Open up the front and back lung *Generate massive amounts of stamina and energy Lung QiGong was created for students with Asthma, Hypertension, allergies, panic attacks, low energy, weakness, poor digestion, headaches and migraines. The Lung Qi, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, influences the emotions, body and mind. The Lung is the Metal element, and it deals with "sharpness" in the mind and can be related to the emotion of grief and sadness. Practicing Lung QiGong has been shown to relieve symptoms in many physical, mental, and emotional conditions.


Kidney Qigong

Most Kidney QiGong fails to address fatigue in any practical way. It's mostly "relaxing", which is fine, but does NOTHING to build the energy reserves back up to fix the issue. There is LOTS of Bagua Jibengong, LOTS of Central Spine and Organ Tonification, LOTS of movement, and too much to name.This DVD will be over 2 hours long, and we believe it will be an asset to anyone with seasoning in Self Cultivation, or even the beginner. The only QiGong Set that addresses fatigue. Our Kidney QiGong is a combination of 5 sets: 1. Fu San Mountain Kidney QiGong 2. 8 Mudras, 8 Mother Palms + Circle Walking 3. Coiling QiGong for bone marrow 4. QiGong Squatting for whole body strength and health 5. Special Pai Da (self striking) for Kidney Yang

Heart Qigong

HEART QIGONG is really better called "Fire Element" QiGong. It has a strong effect on the Pericardium, Triple Heater, Heart and Small Intestine Meridians, as well as their collateral channels.
The HEART is the "Seat of the soul". Please don't underestimate! Heart QiGong contains exercises not seen in books or any DVD.The purpose of the set is to:
1. Open the physical heart center
2. Clean and dredge the heart and pericardium meridians.
3. Create even flow of Qi and blood along the triple heater.
4. Connect the heart Qi to the upper Dan Tian.
5. Balance the internal pressure.
6. Helps oxygenate the whole body
7. Increase Qi and blood flow everywhere, as heart deals with circulation
8. Create stronger whole body energetics.
No Medical Claims

Hiatal Hernia Qigong

Yadi's teacher calls it a "pre cancer" condition.
There is a SPECIAL QiGong set for this issue (no medical claims).
If you have:
1. Anxiety
2. Heart Palpations
3. Digestive disorders
4. Breathing problems
5. Acid reflux
6. Insomnia
7. Fatigue
YOU, yes YOU want to be in this class.

Advanced Pai Da

1. Learn why "hitting yourself" is more effective than stretching and pressure massage
2. Learn the THREE LEVELS of Self Massage
3. Gain an "instant energy" that lasts for hours
4. Resolve muscle tension, poor circulation and boost bone marrow productions
5. Find out why most Pai Da is not as effective
6. Develop fascia tissue integrity for resistance to impact
Pai Da means "to slap" in Chinese.
The Pai Da Warrior Self Massage is a percussion or "hitting" massage using light force along the acupuncture meridian path for superior energy and health.
Meridian paths are activated by touch, needling, light and sound.  The Pai Da Warrior Self Massage uses both touch and sound to activate the 14 Meridians of the body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
WARNING:  This is a "hard QiGong", not for your YMCA class.  There is a definite use of physical force.  If done incorrectly, you can hurt yourself.  For this reason, we include a disclaimer *
ADVANCED PAI DA is using CORRECT Western Anatomy and Physiology along with Eastern Anatomy and Physiology.  Doing these Warrior Self Massage Exercises can bring about major energy bursts, along with a huge amount of circulation and and immune system benefits *
Video Runtime Approx 50 minutes
*Disclaimer:  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA.  Please consult your physician before beginning any physical training.  We are not responsible for any outcomes as a result of practicing this program.  Train at your own risk.

Advanced Ping Shuai Qigong

This is one of the most powerful and safest Qigong exercises you and everyone you know can do daily!
Due to the lack of instruction in English, and poor instruction in English, we are offering this video for our audience.
Our advanced set of exercises is not taught anywhere and not like anything you can find on Youtube!

Vital Points Qigong

The MOST effective self-acupressure system for everyday people.
Learn location of points Learn the effects Learn how to correctly activate points to get real results Learn how to stimulate them WITHOUT taxing your muscles or joints
Vital Points QIGONG is an advanced self-acupressure system designed to MULTIPLY the healing effects of acupressure exponentially.
Vital Points QIGONG uses SPECIFIC body postures and dynamic movements to AVOID straining muscles and damaging your hands.
We have techniques for the following points:
LI4, KI27, BL43, LI11, GB20, GB2, LV14, GV4-6, ST26, ST36, SP10, BL60, SP21, LV5, SP6, SI3, PC6, HT1 and more!
No tools required!
No appointment with an acupuncturist or massage therapist required!
Different techniques for each point make that point more effective, and less straining.

Chong Mai Qigong

CHONG MAI QIGONG is a CAREFULLY assembled method to release not ONLY the spine, but all tissues and joints associated with the Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral and Coccyx spine.
CHONG MAI QIGONG is tonic for the ENTIRE central channel. This includes all the structure, blood, connective tissue, nerves, organs and glands.
Chong Mai is the Center Channel (Not Du or Ren Mai)
This set contains
  1. Spinal decompression
  2. Cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum loosening
  3. Swimming Dragon exercises
  4. Special stretching stances for chronic back issues
  5. Cervical/Sacral exercises for releasing nerves
  6. Chong Mai "testing" to see where your disturbances are
  7. How to us Chong Mai Qigong in real life
  8. 5 Element Spinal exercise


Stomach and Liver Qigong

We are more excited about Liver/Stomach QiGong since we have combined these elements together and have experienced more powerful results! There is NOTHING anywhere in any system this powerful for clearing the body of Liver Related symptoms in TCM. After Yadi recovered from a SEVERE liver condition, he has been studying for the best method to FIX the liver.
Liver Related Conditions (In medical claims)
These exercises allow the liver and stomach/spleen to 'breathe' by stretching out the ribcage and allowing proper blood flow to the organs. Getting your Blood and Qi moving regularly will help to combat any stagnation due to poor posture at work, emotional changes or stress.

Fascia Qigong

Fascia is a buzz word in bodywork that gets used more and more over the years. We took a study of the original connective tissue research in the West, and applied to techniques of QiGong self-manipulation to create more than a massage! Fascia QiGong was created for stubborn body patterns that create years of pain and strain.  Theories about fascia and acupuncture meridians have gained some popularity. While science is still not sure how to explain meridians, we use them to send messages, vibration, movement and restore balance to the internal and external body.

Turtle Qigong

This DVD is for you if you: *Need more restorative movement, especially after workouts or injury *Are looking for a program that has less intensity but still has some challenging aspects *Need to reduce anxiety but still want to boost energy Our Turtle Qigong program consists of 6 sets that build progressively on the last. There are internal sets that include breath work as well as restoring and relaxing exercises in addition to external exercises that are dynamic and challenging for those that need more. These sets are given in a specific formula to produce the maximum amount of blood circulation, movement and repair for problems. This set uses interval training, something unique to our Qigong (and taught in higher schools) where you do an activity and then allow your body to rest and restore itself. We give intervals to produce the amount of internal circulation after doing the external movement.

Save Your Joints!

This DVD presents 29 of the most powerful exercises from Kung Fu to lengthen and strengthen the joints. This is NOT a stretching routine! Experience relief from chronic pain and tension while conditioning your body to deal with the impact and stress of daily life! Stress + Proper Conditioning = Strength! Many manual labor jobs such as Nursing, Hair Styling, Physical Therapy, Construction or any work that involves standing and performing repetitive motions can severely degenerate the joints. Save Your Joints is designed to keep you feeling good, strong and ready to enjoy your challenging daily routine.