Advanced Pai Da


1. Learn why “hitting yourself” is more effective than stretching and pressure massage

2. Learn the THREE LEVELS of Self Massage
3. Gain an “instant energy” that lasts for hours
4. Resolve muscle tension, poor circulation and boost bone marrow productions
5. Find out why most Pai Da is not as effective
6. Develop fascia tissue integrity for resistance to impact
Pai Da means “to slap” in Chinese.
The Pai Da Warrior Self Massage is a percussion or “hitting” massage using light force along the acupuncture meridian path for superior energy and health.
Meridian paths are activated by touch, needling, light and sound.  The Pai Da Warrior Self Massage uses both touch and sound to activate the 14 Meridians of the body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.
WARNING:  This is a “hard QiGong”, not for your YMCA class.  There is a definite use of physical force.  If done incorrectly, you can hurt yourself.  For this reason, we include a disclaimer *
ADVANCED PAI DA is using CORRECT Western Anatomy and Physiology along with Eastern Anatomy and Physiology.  Doing these Warrior Self Massage Exercises can bring about major energy bursts, along with a huge amount of circulation and and immune system benefits *
Video Runtime Approx 50 minutes
*Disclaimer:  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA.  Please consult your physician before beginning any physical training.  We are not responsible for any outcomes as a result of practicing this program.  Train at your own risk.

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