Dual Sabre


The most powerful Tesla healing device yet!

We challenge you to a dual!

The Dual Sabre delivers electromagnetic energy to cells.

It uses sound frequencies like never before.

Energizes living cells to restore and revitalize.

This is portable and almost wireless! 

Imagine two high-powered Tesla coils used like a tuning fork!

The Lifesabre DUAL is the only standalone device that delivers frequency, healing, electromagnetic energy, a new offset pulse that the body never tunes out, and has no need for any AC power.

With five different levels, you can feel the energy in your hands, and on your body, even for the least energy sensitive. There’s even a low setting for very sensitive people.

Healing technology has never been this accessible to all of us.

While medical claims about the efficacy of the Lifesabre DUAL are a no-no, we have seen stubborn cases of nearly every condition involving human health change…quickly. Warning: not for use with a pacemaker or an insulin pump. No claims of treatment, diagnosis, or cure for any disease can be made.

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  • This item is made to order

  • Ships with 7-10 business days

  • 90 day warranty. If item is dropped, the warranty is voided

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