MSQG Vol. 2


  • For the man who cares enough about himself to do it…the benefits reported from the UPDATED Male Sexual QiGong are staggering!
  • Male Sexual QiGong was originally reserved for members of the Imperial Chinese Court, in order to produce SONS that would carry on the Emperor’s Kingdom. 
  • This “QiGong” or “Chee Gong” was based on:
  1. Strengthening The Internal Organs
  2. Strengthening The Bones
  3. Improving Testosterone (Jing) Production
  4. Balancing The Nerves and Glands
  5. Creating SUPERHUMAN Energy and Power

I, Yadi Alamin, began studying Male Sexual QiGong in 2004, when my sex drive was depleted from a chronic illness.  Sex was very draining, and it was hard to maintain an intimate relationship with a woman.  It was depressing.

That was only the half of it.  The more I studied Chinese Medicine, the more I found out HOW SERIOUS A LACK OF SEX DRIVE INDICATED BAD HEALTH.  I started to read dozens of books, and spent $1,000s training with “masters” of Sexual QiGong.

It took about 5 or 6 years to understand, mostly because the books were FULL of nothing practical, and the “masters” had never dealt with depletion like I did. I trained every day, studied and experimented with whatever tools I had in front of me (no pun intended).

Finally, when having sex, I was about to ejaculate, when I had a full orgasm with NO EJACULATION!  My girlfriend wasn’t as happy as I was!  

Maybe I should explain.

The male reproductive cell (sperm) is the ONLY cell in the body that doesn’t age!  A man can father a child in his 80’s, with fully functional sperm.  That is a miraculous design!  Using this idea, the sperm cells we LOSE during ejaculation take lots of nutrients and energy to reproduce.  This is why MEN LOSE ENERGY AFTER SEX.

But, I had cracked the code!  I could have an orgasm without losing sperm!

My energy doubled, maybe tripled.  My muscles got more defined, my skin glowed and my voice got deeper.  I started teaching men…until one dared me to put in on video.

Male Sexual QiGong, the Yadi version, was a combination of 7 systems, that target the 7 systems of the body.  It works, and it has had over 85% success in20+ countries.

I wanted 100% success, as no one should be left behind, regardless of age, medical condition or energy level, so I studied, experimented and trained for 3 more years.

Given my daily work in Eastern Tradition Healing Arts, knowledge of Acupuncture/Acupressure, Reflexology, anatomy and physiology, kiniesiology and experience, I put together Male Sexual QiGong 2.0 with ALL MEN (and their lovers) in mind.

This is the most POWERFUL, least RISKY system for drug-free, herb-free, NATURAL MALE ENHANCEMENT.  (no medical claims) 

These statements are not evaluated by the FDA, no treatment, diagnosis or claims or cure can be made. 

Male Sexual QiGong 2.0 Consists of:

  1. 8 Seated ROOT Exercises: Exercises that target each of the 8 Extraordinary Meridians 
  2. 8 Seated BRANCH Exercises: 8 Repetitive Exercises that balance and harmonize Qi and Blood done in between the 8 Root Exercises 
  3. 8 Standing ROOT Exercises: 8 Movements from Huanglung Temple Taoist QiGong for the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
  4. 8 Standing BRANCH Exercises: 8 Repetitive Movements to distribute Qi and Blood properly throughout the MSQG workout

There are 8 ROOTS and 64 BRANCHES in each section, which is the correct number according to The Bagua Diagram.

There are 8 Self-Massage Exercises unique to MSQG 2.0, which are done in 8 cycles to produce a similar effect.



“I’ve been a Taijiquan practitioner for 40 years, and have done QiGong since I was 15 years old. I met Yadi at a discussion he was giving at Carolina Medical Center. He was very funny, and had a spark of personality, so I gave him a visit at his clinic.

Yadi’s Male Sexual QiGong is beyond comparison. He has organized a system based on the Bagua, which he feels strongly balances the 8 extraordinary vessels.
The routine was awesome. I had so much fun using Yadi’s warm ups, he had to teach me the routine in 3 sessions.

The energy I feel is balanced perfectly, and is probably the strongest sensation of Qi I have ever felt.

My legs felt warm and full of blood, my back was lengthened and dropped, and I have no complaints about the self massage after QiGong.

This is the most unique interpretation I’ve seen on Male Sexual QiGong. Yadi is not modest about telling you how many hours it took him to create, and for good reason.

I plan on practicing this set every day, and will recommend to every man in my age bracket.”

“I bought EVERY herbal formula for “kidney yin/yang” problems on the market. I tried arginine, Maca, Tongkat Ali, Deer Antler Velvet, Herbal Vigra and a ton of other waste-of-time products.

Yadi told me that taking pills would never fix the issue, nor would I ever STOP taking pills if I found anything that worked. I hate that! I had hormone shots, got acupuncture and STILL nothing.

Yadi interviewed me, told me exactly what to do. I trained for 30 days, and NOTHING.

Then, the 6th week of training, I woke up with TONS of energy. I felt a huge surge of blood from my belly out to my fingers and toes during training. Yadi told me to abstain for 100 days, but I was ready!

It’s been about 2 months, and I refuse to stop. MSQG is a magic bullet for me…all I had to do was stick with it”.

Paul N

“I have MSQG from two years ago, and have been training bits and pieces of it every day. I bought the 2.0 version just to see what’s on it, not expecting to change my practice.

When I watched the routine, I was still not interested in doing the new sets, but I tried a few movements in my morning routine. WHOA
The energy feels like a real electric current running through my Lao Gong points. I touched my dog, and it was too much for him. The 8 Root, 8 Branch technique is extreme!
Once my body got used to the energy, I had a smoother buzz. Great stuff for sure”.

Greg P

Yadi’s Testimonial:

The 8 Root movements of MSQG 2.0 make my skin feel “electrified”.
No matter what time of day I do the sets, I feel strong, and ready for activity.

Being the teacher of the set, I want to keep my report short and sweet.
Things I noticed immediately:

  1. My horse stance deepened 1 inch comfortably
    2. My push-up max increased by 30 push ups in 3 days
    3. My eyes cleared up after a sinus infection
    4. My libido shot up
    5. My squats may increased by 20 reps in less than 2 days

There are more benefits, but these are the genuine benefits as of today.

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