New 4200ml Hydrogen Machine


We’ve been waiting for a high powered, high output hydrogen machine that we could use in clinic and now we have it!
This is the most powerful machine that we have used in clinic and it doesn’t disappoint!
With 4200ml of hydrogen per minute, this machine is powerful enough for two (or three) people to get a hydrogen session at the same time!
With this much power, hydrogen foot soaks and baths become highly therapeutic in a short period of time.
This machine is built for heavy duty use, and is perfect for clinical settings.

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Technical Parameter:
1.Hydrogen and oxygen purity: 99.99%
2.Max Hydrogen output: H2-2800:2800 ml/min
3. Max oxygen output: H2-2800:1400 ml/min
4.Output of mixture of hydrogen and oxygen :4200ml/min
5.H2 Output pressure: 0.2MPa
6.Input Water :Only distilled water
7.Tank capacity: 1500 ml
8.Pressure stability: <0.001Mpa
9.Power:110 or 220V±10% 50Hz–60Hz
10.Power consumption:1200W
11.Dimension: 365*235*400MM 410*300*500MM
12.Weight: 18kg (machine without water)

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