Quartz Nasal Light


Quartz nasal light therapy device.


Patent pending.


Activates mitochondria, may help blood circulation in the hole body, may reduce inflammation in sinuses, may help with seasonal effective disorder, and may help with digestion and immune functions.


These statements are not FDA evaluated. No claims of treatment, diagnosis or cure can be made.


Red mode: 660 nm red light is said to stimulate the small cell mitochondria to produce energy in the cells. Using the quartz, nasal light therapy device, this may improve mitochondria in the brain. Five minutes a day is said to stimulate the energy, 10 minutes a day is said to modulate the immune system, and 15 minutes a day is said to support healthy blood circulation in the whole body.


White mode: 400-700nm white light is traditionally used for people with seasonal effective disorder to help lift the mood, and reduce drowsiness from travel or loss of sleep. One minute in the nostril every four hours is the recommended frequency of use.


Violet light: 395nm violet light is said to have an anti-microbial, antiviral effect, but should not be used for longer than a minute due potential over exposure. This light color is usually just to clean the device.

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