Vital Points Qigong


The MOST effective self-acupressure system for everyday people.
Learn location of points
Learn the effects
Learn how to correctly activate points to get real results
Learn how to stimulate them WITHOUT taxing your muscles or joints
Vital Points QIGONG is an advanced self-acupressure system designed to MULTIPLY the healing effects of acupressure exponentially.
Vital Points QIGONG uses SPECIFIC body postures and dynamic movements to AVOID straining muscles and damaging your hands.
We have techniques for the following points:
LI4, KI27, BL43, LI11, GB20, GB2, LV14, GV4-6, ST26, ST36, SP10, BL60, SP21, LV5, SP6, SI3, PC6, HT1 and more!
No tools required!
No appointment with an acupuncturist or massage therapist required!
Different techniques for each point make that point more effective, and less straining.

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