Yadi Alamin presents Linking Teacups Qigong


  1. Most QiGong is watered down and involves very static postures or simplistic motions.
    2. Learn to strengthen bone marrow, and create SPIRALING QI in the body.
    3. This set has been reported to help many spinal conditions and neck issues.
    4. Linking Teacup QiGong opens all 3 Dan Tians and activates the central vessel.
    5. Waist opening movements have a Tonifying effect on digestion and elimination functions of the body.
    6. The Teacup Set “wraps” the tissue around the bones, creating piezo-electric current in all your cells.
Linking Teacup QiGong is NOT taught elsewhere!!
Learn the 8 Yin and 8 Yang movements to strengthen the entire body, create an even flow of blood and Qi, and activate the 8 extraordinary vessels.
Linking Teacup QiGong is PACKED with Nei Gong (internal skill), as well as external motion.  This is not like most commercial exercise programs.
The entire set can be performed in under 2 minutes, and is considered a “whole body” QiGong, in that it targets all of the Zhang Fu Organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Kidney, Lung), the Sinews (connective tissue), Bones and Lymphatic ducts.  It is like “wringing out” the body systematically to produce health and energy.
WARNING:  This is an “advanced QiGong”, not for your YMCA class.
There is a definite possibility of injury if you perform these movements INCORRECTLY.
For this reason, we include a disclaimer *
Linking Teacup QiGong uses CORRECT Western Anatomy and Physiology along with Eastern Anatomy and Physiology.
Doing these Exercises can bring about major energy bursts, along with a huge amount of circulation and and immune system benefits *
Video Runtime Approx 45 minutes
*Disclaimer:  These statements are not evaluated by the FDA.  Please consult your physician before beginning any physical training.
We are not responsible for any outcomes as a result of practicing this program.
Train at your own risk.

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