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Written by Yadi Alamin

Aside from showing you a picture of young coconuts, a durian fruit, lychee or a hefty plate of “Paleo friendly” beef and broccoli…

Or a picture of some muscular people wearing a loin cloth and saving kittens from a tree…

If we’re NOT pushing a product, claiming it’s the MISSING LINK to your health…

Is there an objective way to know if you’re actually “healthy”?

Short story: About 15 years ago, a client came in for insomnia and chronic pain. His pulse, face assessment and voice all showed a severe lack of Spleen, Kidney and Heart “Qi” or “function”, in Eastern Medical terms.

In everyday language: He was burnt out. No energy.


He was a “health coach”, a “personal trainer”, and a “nutrition guru”.

He ate about 5 protein bars a day, did juicing and “superfoods”.

I asked him to stop all of his supplements and juicing. He did. The next day, he came to clinic, barely breathing and slumped in the chair.

“Where’s your Energy?” I asked.

He said he felt no energy, and couldn’t sleep or keep his eyes open.

It turns out, all of his “Pre-workouts” and “Post-workouts”, protein, supplements and “superfoods” were jacking his body up, to the point where he couldn’t sleep.

After two weeks of being off the juicing, protein bars and supplements, he had a full night’s sleep.

Why did this happen, and what did we do to help?

More to come!


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