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When you’re in pain, you just want it to go away fast!

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING, or think you have, you are probably missing at LEAST one of the following 4 FAST, All-Natural Pain Relievers:

1. Red LED Light


3. Systemic Enzymes

4. Traditional Eastern Reflexology

Ok, before we go into what each one is, and what we know about their powerful effect on pain and inflammation are, let’s point out something WRONG with most “pain relief” options.

Most “pain relief” is symptom masking, and doesn’t actually “fix” the problem.

So, your pain returns…again and again!!

Sometimes for years, getting worse as you age, and harder to deal with.

Every one of the 4 FAST, All-Natural Pain Relievers in this post do more than the job. They have been clinically tested an proven to HEAL injuries, bone damage, connective tissue damage/trauma, muscle and skin damage, scar tissue, inflammation and so much more.

Red Light Therapy Charlotte Acu Bodywork

1. Red LED Light

Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light Therapy is FDA approved for pain relief and regeneration of skin. It works by activating small cells called “mitochondria”, which are the energy storage of your body.

Red light is different from Laser, UV Light, and “Infrared Heat”.

Red LED Light is not damaging to the eyes, like Laser and UV, and does not dry the skin like Infrared Saunas and lamps.

Red LED Light can actually stimulate collagen production in your skin, and possibly your connective tissue.

Red LED Light has been shown to trigger muscle growth and regeneration.

In short, Red LED Light is not only great for pain, it is great for helping your body renew itself to heal on a much deeper level than just a pain reliever.

Side benefits of our Red LED Light may include: more energy, improved sleep, improved libido, muscle growth and anti aging skin effects.

Our RED LIGHT ROOM is the strongest blast of Red LED Light therapy on earth. A 20 minute session in our booth covers your whole body from head to toe in healing Red LED Glow. Schedule a session for yourself!

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Charlotte Acu Bodywork


PEMF is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (therapy). It is not like wearing a magnet for pain.

PEMF devices create a MAGNETIC FIELD, similar to the field created by a Cellphone or Computer.

However, unlike a Cellphone or Computer, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) creates a field

at programmable frequencies PROVEN to regenerate the body.

PEMF has been shown by NASA to regrow osteocytes or BONE CELLS.

There are documented cases of bones growing back after breaking under consistent PEMF uses.

PEMF frequencies at 7.8Hz to 10Hz have been shown to relax and restore the body,

as well as delivering a knockout punch for pain, insomnia, low energy and stiffness.

There are many devices on the market, and lots of overpriced PEMF units.

We use a handheld device to target specific zones. Our knowledge of Traditional Asian Acupuncture Meridians improves our ability to use PEMF.

Systemic enzymes Excellacor Charlotte Acu Bodywork

3. Systemic Enzymes

Systemic Enzymes are the ONLY supplement we take in pill form.

They have been researched ALL over Europe, and are still given as “anti tumor” supplements in Germany.

They are said to not only reduce swelling and pain, but actually “eat” scar tissue made of protein (fibrin/collagen).

Systemic Enzymes remove waste from the blood and organs to allow the body to cleanse itself gently.

Systemic Enzymes are clinically shown to help dissolve fatty tissue in the body.

Systemic Enzymes are 100% herb-free, vegetarian and work for several hours.

They can be taken daily with no side effects.

Our Pyramid Protocol is a vital system that includes Systemic Enzymes for cleaning out your entire system to remove pain at the cause.

4. Traditional Eastern Reflexology

We all know that foot massage feels good. What most of us don’t know, is that TRADITIONAL Eastern Reflexology is nothing like a foot rub in a massage spa!

Traditional Eastern Reflexology is the root medicine of Acupuncture, it predates Acupuncture by 1,000s of years. Traditional Eastern Reflexology is not acupressure. It is a systemic approach to finding the pattern of disease,

and realigning the “reflexes” at the extremities, to activate the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System), which controls all of the major organs of the body. Traditional Eastern Reflexology is not common, and takes nearly 2,000 hours to become proficient in.

We pride our clinic on experience in seven Reflexology systems: Foot, Hand, Face, Ear, Scalp, Spinal, and Abdomen . Want to learn our system?

We are here to show you the difference between “guessing” and results when it comes to FAST and All-Natural.

Feel free to contact us with questions about these 4 therapies, or to arrange your visit at

Be Well, Stay Well


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