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Carolina Clay holds water Charlotte Acu Bodywork

I was born and raised here in Charlotte NC, where Charlotte Reflexology is based. Though North Carolina is often referred to as the Tarheel state, I personally like to call it the land of the red clay! A lot of potters would agree with me as there are many of them that have learned to make very useful creations out of it, like pots, dish ware, jugs, coffee mugs and ollas: a clay vessel buried in the garden to slowly release water.

I’m glad that potters have found a positive way to work with our dirt here. Most of the time, all it does is hold water! Then it sticks to everything! Don’t wear your best shoes when it’s raining, because the red mud will stick to them and they will be ruined forever!

The ground is just a reflection of the weather! Here, especially during the summer months, we experience muggy, sticky, heavy, and sweaty weather! That folks is what dampness feels like. If you have a house here, and for some reason don’t have air conditioning or some kind of proper air flow, your house will quickly grow mold and other microorganisms and will start to decay.

Our bodies are direct reflections of our environments. We are not separated from what’s happening outside of ourselves. So if you live in a damp environment, most likely your internal environment will be damp too! Without proper airflow, our bodies can retain too much water. This can look like swelling in the limbs, in the abdomen, under the eyes, etc. Sometimes it can be a nose that is always running or feel like sinuses draining down the back of the throat.


Woman with runny nose Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Let dampness stick around long enough and things that like moist dark environments start growing. Just like in that house with no air, mold and mildew will grow in your body. I always hear from people not from Charlotte that they soon developed allergies when they moved to Charlotte, even though they never had them before!

If your body still has too much moisture and you happen to get too cold, dampness congeals. Now you have mucous. Mucous clogs, and if it doesn’t move, you have increased pressure in many places that can sometimes cause pain. When your sinuses are stuffy or congested, sometimes you have a bad headache and can’t think to save your life! It’s hard to when you have a blockage in you’re body that prevents the flow of air and blood, especially to your head. There can also be too much mucous in your stomach, lungs, heart or intestines and it can block the function of these organs.

If your body gets too hot, either from the weather, your body temperature rising from fighting off those pathogens that like your dampness, or from working and playing too hard and not resting and restoring, your excess water concentrates and becomes rubbery, containing pathogens and sticking to whatever is close to it! You can have lumps and bumps underneath the skin (sometimes called a lipoma) or lumps and bumps inside the body (sometimes called tumors or cysts). It’s still a form of dampness.

How Dampness is created Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Can this be fixed?

Absolutely, but it is not easy! Keep in mind how we got here in the first place. There was too much water and not enough air flow, with temperature determining how concentrated the excess water became. So we will have to address all three of these issues at the same time, while also dealing with pathogens that get released that can cause you to become ill all over again! It’s a delicate balance that you will need some help with.

The best thing that we have ever done to combat dampness is create the Pyramid Protocol! I know you have heard us talk nonstop about this program, but if it didn’t work, we would never mention it! This program makes your progress in removing dampness so much shorter than if you were to come in for just sessions! It’s sometimes said that it can take years to resolve dampness! Do you have years to wait for results? No? I didn’t think so!

Most advice you find on the internet about resolving dampness through diet is what you do to support the work your practitioner does in clinic and the exercises you do at home. Diet therapy alone is not going to be enough, but it will help not make things worse, if followed properly.

We can help! Come see us in clinic or email us to find out if dampness is affecting you. You can also come to Qigong class every Friday 6:30pm and Sunday 1pm.

If your not in the Charlotte Metro area, we can still help you through video conference call or with our products. Contact us!

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