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Heart Qigong Cover with Yadi Alamin and Joi Abraham of Charlotte Acu Bodywork making a heart

One of the things often left out of QiGong practice is the HEART.

For the most part, teachers discuss the MIND.

They talk about “monkey mind” or “dualistic mind”, and how QiGong is a method of meditation to turn the monkey into a horse.

(The horse goes one direction, but the monkey appears chaotic)

The HEART is everything.

In terms of physiology, no human can exist without it.

The HEART is the first organ that develops.

The HEART transports blood between organs and meridians.

The HEART is the hardest working organ in your body.

The HEART is everything.

In terms of emotion, the HEART is “broken” when sadness is felt.

The HEART is excited when fear is felt.

The HEART is under tension when anger is felt.

The HEART WARMS when kindness is expressed.

The HEART opens when love is felt.

The HEART heals when the MIND is subdued.

HEART QIGONG is not just a physical set of movements and breathwork.

It’s not easy.

It’s much “easier” to write down things you like, or repeat sayings that make you feel satisfaction.

HEART QIGONG requires you to feel your disconnection in your body and RECONNECT.

I’ve been trying to transmit these techniques to students for 7 years.

Please meditate or ponder on the value of this.

I’m fully realizing that our HEART MERIDIAN ENERGETICS QiGong could save more lives than I ever imagined.

Most exercises BURDEN and FURTHER damage the heart. Jogging, running, lifting weights DO NOTHING to strengthen your heart.

Most “Heart QiGong” is too soft and would take hours of daily commitment to actually improve the heart significantly enough to be considered “therapeutic”.


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