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Antique Oriental Medicine Cabinet Charlotte Acu Bodywork

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It’s well known by our clients that we don’t like to use drugs or herbs and we get questions all the time about what we use to boost our immune systems and fight pathogens when we have an illness. We had to find natural substances to keep in stock that we felt good about using but also work.

We’re keeping our list very simple! Not only will you know why we chose these, but you’ll have a glimpse of how we use them to get good results. Our methods are sometimes unconventional, but hey, they work for us, so we’ll share what we do. It’s not medical advice and if you choose to use some of these examples, you do so at your own risk!

Systemic enzymes Excellacor Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Essential #1-Systemic enzymes
Did you know? All infectious substances have a protective coating around them called biofilm. Biofilm is made from proteins. If you want to get rid of whatever is causing you to be sick, the first thing that you must do is break down the biofilm. What breaks down proteins? Enzymes that digest proteins!

These are a little different from taking digestive enzymes. Systemic enzymes need to be taken on an empty stomach to be most effective. Take 1 hour before food and 2 hours after eating. This is necessary so that food doesn’t use the enzymes needed to break down the biofilm.

Vitamin C powder Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Essential #2-Vitamin C

Once the biofilm has been broken down, you need something that is going to kill the infection. One of the easiest to find and use is Vitamin C. It’s an essential nutrient our bodies need and when you are sick, your body uses a ridiculous amount of it! Vitamin C creates peroxide in the body (among many other functions) and this peroxide the body uses to get rid of invaders. We like to use a buffered kind so that it won’t upset your stomach and we take high amounts-at least 4000mg per day if we are fighting an infection!

Colloidal Silver Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Essential #3-Colloidal Silver

This is our pick for a small particle, easy to absorb and fast working broad spectrum natural antibiotic. We keep small bottles with us to spray our hands and use when we feel our immediate environment is infectious!

At home, sometimes we will put silver in a nebulizer and take a few breaths twice a day if we are really sick! When we need to disinfect the air in a bigger space, we will put 10ppm silver solution in a clean (better new) essential oil diffuser or a humidifier. We like to do this before bed for more restful sleep.

There’s really only one more thing that we would add to this list: movement! It’s not enough to kill invaders! You have to help your body get rid of the dead microorganisms and other wastes as efficiently as possible and the only way to do that is to move your body. Your lymph system, also known as the garbage can of the body, doesn’t have a pump so if you don’t move, your lymph system doesn’t get cleaned out.

Our easy arm swinging video is our first pick to boost circulation and move lymph. Perfect for beginners!

Give your immune system a boost with Qigong exercise! Visit us in class or try one of our DVDs!

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