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Truth be told, if you have a runny nose, coughing or sneezing fits, or have sinus congestion, YOU ARE ALREADY SICK! It’s time for you to leave school or work and do the emergency self care necessary to boost your immune system so your body can get rid of your invading pathogen as fast as possible!

Our goal with this post is to make you aware of the signs that you probably ignore, but should pay close attention to, so you can start protecting yourself early. That way you don’t lose so much time being sick at home missing days of work or school or losing money by not being able to work. Plus, your fellow classmates or co-workers will thank you for not spreading whatever illness you have all over the place!!!!! So, share this with them so they know what signs to look for so that don’t spread their own fresh sickness with you either.

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Extreme temperature changes!
If it’s 97 degrees outside and you are freezing cold, or it’s 40 below and you are burning up, your body is fighting something. There was a man who came in clinic complaining he was freezing when he just came in from a 92 degree day. About 10 minutes into his session, He says he’s hot and dripping sweat everywhere! His doctor confirmed he had a virus.


Sudden unusual tiredness!
If you notice that you just can’t get through the rest of your day without wanting to curl up right on the floor in front of you, or putting your head on your desk no matter what your teacher says, take note. Be particularly cautious if you get tired during a time when you usually don’t.

You can’t sleep!
You went to bed 2 hours ago, and now you are wide awake! Your might be burning up or even sweating. In Traditional Eastern medicine, we pay attention to what time you wake up. Between the hours of 1-3 am are liver hours. Your liver is in charge of making substances to fight viruses. 3-5am are lung hours. Your lungs are the first interior organs that are affected by germs, bacteria, viruses and mold from the outside. Remember the time, and let your Traditional Asian medicine practitioner know so they can help you.

Woman with soup not eating Charlotte Acu Bodywork

You don’t feel like eating anything!
If you look at or smell food and you don’t have an increased desire to eat, or the thought, sight or smell of food actually disgusts you, you could be getting sick!

You have feelings of dryness or burning!
You may feel like no matter how much water you drink, you can’t seem to get enough. Your skin might look unusually dry when you look in the mirror. You may feel a burning sensation in your mouth or throat or even your skin. You may need more than just water to alleviate this sensation. When we get these symptoms, we start taking natural antibiotics like Vitamin C and Colloidal silver. Those are our go to’s for fighting pathogens.

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You have soreness!
This includes headaches, a sore throat or muscle soreness. Especially if you do not have this feeling normally or can’t explain why you have this issue. If you workout regularly, sure you will have soreness, but if it’s somewhere in your body that you didn’t workout at the gym, don’t take that sign for granted! Start boosting your immune system right away!!!

Do you have any of these symptoms? Don’t wait to start doing something before it gets worse. If you feel any of these, it’s a good time to go and see your practitioner. However, if you are coughing up a lung, blowing tissues to shreds or can’t breathe through your nose because of congestion, please do everyone a favor (the turtle team included!) and stay home until it passes over!

Need help boosting your immune system this back to school season? Visit us in clinic and we’ll put together a plan to keep you healthy!

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