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The FDA does not permit us Non-Medical folks to make statements of “prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure”. So, we’re going to have to make some anecdotal statements, based on 18 years in clinic and classroom of what I do to keep from getting colds and flus.

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As the weather gets colder, and the nights get longer, cold and flu season comes upon us!
This late October, I’ve had nearly 50% of my clients come in with awful congestion, fevers, coughing, pain, fatigue and aggravation of their other conditions.

The MOST famous book in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Nei Jing, which is about 2,200 years old. A lot of acupuncturists, Traditional Oriental Doctors and QiGong Instructors quote the Nei Jing when dealing with season change. That can be entertaining and confusing.

I want to give some REAL tips that I’ve never seen in print, which I get great benefit from, when dealing with very sick people. I think you will find these interesting, somewhat amusing, and I hope you try them all.

Warming Your Feet, Head and Lower Back.
NaeGa Shin Jang
Cordyceps Mushroom
Liposomal Vitamin C

Foot Soaking Charlotte Acu Bodywork

#1: Warming Your Feet, Head and Lower Back.

When you’re cold, your body has to fight to keep you warm. Some people believe that EXTREME COLD will make them strong. Cold weather, ice, rain and wind can cause cold/damp inside you, which is when you will likely get sick (according to Traditional Chinese Medical Theory)

So, does COLD make you vital?

Well, it would, if you had adequate rest, ate the right amount of seasonal FAT (blog to come), and didn’t have any other health conditions.

For most of us, cold causes our kidneys, which regulate body temperature, to contract. Since our kidneys are responsible for keeping us warm, when they contract, your blood is filtering a little slower through the kidney.
Slow filtration of blood due to “vasoconstriction” or “shrinking of the blood vessels” causes waste to build up in your body.

So, we always keep our LOW BACK warm in fall and winter, because it is where our kidneys are!
We keep our FEET warm because they are the furthest extremity from our kidneys! Also, the feet are the origin of the Kidney Meridian in acupuncture and QiGong. Soaking the feet in warm water is a major thing! The foot soaking bucket is highly traditional, and is done all over Asia.

We keep our HEAD warm, because the sensory organs of the face, brain and major blood vessels need to have enough “Qi” (circulation of vital fluids) to function and help signal the body’s defenses around sick people.

Yadi Alamin Qigong Charlotte Acu Bodywork

#2 NaeGa Shin Jang

This is a QiGong or GiCheon (Korean QiGong) exercise from a rarely known set of techniques.
NaeGa Shin Jang is taught on Thursdays in our weekly QiGong classes. This exercise is POWERFUL for your whole body.

NaeGa Shin Jang is so strong in energizing the Kidney Qi and “Central Qi”, it can be done by itself as a complete QiGong exercise.

If you do NaeGa Shin Jang for 15 minutes a day, according to my teacher, you will have strength like a 20 year old, including the internal defense against outside invaders like colds and flus.

Cordyceps Mushrooms Charlotte Acu Bodywork

#3 Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps Chinesis or Cordyceps Militaris is a powerhouse for the lungs, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was given a dose of Cordyceps in the middle of a Chicago winter, that produced a blizzard, and kept us inside for 4 days. While I was inside, the whole house was very sick. I was the only person who did not get sick!

Cordyceps is a modulator. It balances your lungs, immune system and helps strengthen your defenses. It is NOT a stimulant, but is said to help with muscle tone, energy and libido as well.
More lung capacity, energy and strength are needed in cold and flu season.

Liposomal Vitamin C Charlotte Acu Bodywork

#4 Liposomal Vitamin C

This one probably the most common on my list, so I made it last. That doesn’t mean it’s the LEAST effective.
Linus Pauling, the Nobel Prize winner for the atomic model, used to take 18 GRAMS (18,000 milligrams) of Vitamin C every day, with Baking Soda to buffer the acid.
He lived to be over 90, and he is the reason why VITAMIN C is the “go to” for colds.
Liposomes are fat encapsulations, which came long after Linus Pauling’s death. Liposomal Vitamin C is Non-Irritating, and passes through the digestion to the small intestine. After reaching the small intestine, the Liposomal Vitamin C is said to make it to the blood directly. This method of taking Vitamin C is as strong as an injection!

Linus Pauling studied Vitamin C as a “medicine”. He created the Vitamin C foundation, which is found online by searching “Vitamin C Foundation”. They have research on using Vitamin C for every condition known to man.

I take Liposomal Vitamin C ALL WINTER LONG. You can order our favorite brand in clinic, which is available at your request.

Please remember that this is for information purposes, and we don’t recommend anything without the expressed consent of your medical professional.

Now you have 4 New Weapons to keep you going strong this season!

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