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The original Acid/Alkaline research is quoted from Otto Wartenbug, a German scientist from the Nazi era. (He was not a Nazi)
The idea that Acid = Bad and Alkaline = Good shows a HUGE lack of understanding, and a dangerous oversimplification of human biology.

This is redundant, but people are still reciting the nonsense.

If you have EXCESS STOMACH ACID, that is probably because your diet sucks, OR because you have other problems that need attention…alkaline products are not the answer.
If you have IBS or some other digestive disorder, NEVER EVER try to approach your body with a fatalistic, all-or-nothing mentality.
If you want shortcuts, you’ll be cutting your HEALTH short!

Here is some additional information from

Worsened nutrition deficiencies

Like your body enzymes, the function of gut depends on body pH as well. Gut performs a wide array of functions ranging from digestion to nutrient absorption. Take vitamin B12 for example. It binds to a protein from a saliva and passes to the stomach. In the stomach, due to stomach’s acidic pH, B12 leaves that protein and binds with another agent called the intrinsic factor. This process is extremely critical from the absorption of B12 because the intestine only recognizes intrinsic factor and absorbs only that B12 that is bound to intrinsic factor. That’s why, people using stomach acid decreasing medicines and having undergone gastric bypass, which decreases the level of stomach pH, can’t properly absorb vitamin B12.Now, imagine you drinking alkaline water daily. It will definitely make the stomach pH more alkaline and will not let it perform its necessary steps in B12 absorption. And that’s only one nutrient. Relying heavily on alkaline water can significantly alter the absorption of a bunch of other nutrients like iron, calcium, folate and so on.In fact, results of animal studies have proved that use of alkaline water can cause significant growth retardation due to poor nutrient absorption from the gut.

Digestion malfunctions

The common phrase the sellers would tell you is that the alkaline water helps in digestion to keep you healthy at all times. However, it is not true, as it actually hinders the normal digestion process. This is due to steep changes in pH levels. People who are over 60 years should not drink alkaline water as the digestion side effects are severe.

The digestion malfunctions are likely to lead to conditions such as hypochlorhydria. This is a sickness caused by calcium malabsorption, which gets worse with the continuous use of the alkaline water.

In fact, there is a well characterized syndrome due to the excessive alkalization of stomach. It is called milk alkali syndrome. In this syndrome, when the stomach acid is decreased a bit too much, the absorption of calcium gets compromised to dangerous levels. Decreased calcium levels can be dangerous because a normal calcium level is needed for proper brain, gut and muscle functions.

Metabolic abnormalities

Metabolism is an important process that must not be interfered with at any time. You need metabolism to get the necessary energy to stay healthy and do many other activities. The metabolism has to be regulated so as you get just enough energy whenever needed. The alkaline water is seen to cause metabolism abnormalities in a person. Such abnormalities can lead to diseases, such as metabolic alkalosis, which commonly causes discomfort in a person.

The other common side effects of alkaline water include conditions such as edema, mental confusion, and hypertension. No one would want to suffer from these conditions as they are frequently associated with severe complications.

The side effects of the alkaline water are likely to be more prevalent and severe if the water is not from the natural sources. The artificially alkalinized water has many chemicals added to make it more alkaline. It is best to use natural water as it will not have any additional harmful chemicals. Some of the side effects are not mentioned here, as sometimes the alkaline water will affect people differently based on their body composition.

It can actually make you dehydrated!

Using too much alkaline water can actually dehydrate your body quickly instead of hydrating it. When a lot of unnecessary ions make way to your gut, they actually squeeze out more water from it (Basic Chemistry Knowledge!). In fact, drinking too much alkaline water can dehydrate you at the cellular levels.

We are busy creating our “8 Diagram Digestion Program” to help you balance faulty digestion for good! Stay tuned!!!

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