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Constipated? Try this one thing!

By June 10, 2023June 20th, 2023No Comments

I’m smack in the middle of our summer phlegm removal protocol. I’m already on enough supplements and I was thinking about a way to improve my digestion and my elimination without having to depend on a another supplement, herb or food. Sometimes these things make your body lazy, because your body begins to depend on the substance to do the work. Once you stop taking the substance, the body goes right back to the same state it was in previously.

I learned that I have weak digestive fire and I need to make it stronger. Strong digestion is one of the first defenses in immunity. It keeps bacteria, fungi, and viruses under control. Believe it or not, candida is always present in the body. It’s when there is weakness, for example weak digestion, that we are aware of candida because it gets out of control. We try to “get rid of it” by taking anti-fungals, but that is only a temporary fix. We still haven’t addressed the root cause when we do that.

So I started thinking: “What activity can I do to help improve digestion?” Then the next logical question was: “What makes fire stronger?”


That’s right. There is a reason wind is feared when there is a forest fire. There is a reason that people say “Don’t fan the flames”. But when we want to increase our digestive fire, all we need to do is breathe.

Well actually, we need to breathe more deeply.

The lungs are large! They start from the top of the shoulder blade and go all the way down to the end of the ribcage. You know what? We don’t use our lungs to their full capacity. There are documents that tell us that the bottom 2/3 of our lungs are atrophied. Decayed. Dead. You know what would happen if we used our full lung capacity?

We would have no problems going to the bathroom!

Where the lungs stop, the large intestines begin. In Chinese Traditional Healing, the lungs and the large intestines are a pair.

So clearly, we’ve got to open up those lungs!

We have two DVD programs for breathing: Our Lung QiQong program and our Vital Breathing Techniques DVD in our Amazing Woman’s Sexual Health series.

Doing both of these QiGong sets are making a huge difference in my ability to breathe deeply…..and release wastes through the colon. I make sure I start my day with a breathing

routine. Ending the day with some good breathing is an awesome idea. You’ll sleep much better.

And…you might need to buy some more toilet paper!

Purchase both DVDs in our shop!

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