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You have been extra careful with your diet and you haven’t had a cheat day for 3 whole months. You’ve been exercising regularly and hitting the gym at least 3 times a week. You’ve been turning down dessert and passing on that extra glass of wine.

And the those extra 15 pounds won’t budge!

You’ve been trying to figure out how to lose weight naturally, how to have healthy weight loss as well as find effective ways to lose weight and all the advice seems the same!

If the scenario above describes your current frustration with weight loss, it’s time to ask yourself WHY what you think is fat just won’t move.

Consider this: What you think is flab may not be flab after all and all the work you are doing to get rid of it could actually be making the problem worse!

So if it’s not actually fat, what could it be?


Joi's inflamed belly in our Eastern Power Walking DVD

This is from our popular Qigong exercise DVD, Eastern Power Walking!

This picture was taken in December 2014. I wore a size 12 because that was the size pants I could wear that would fit over my abdomen. I thought it was fat, but couldn’t understand why I still had a belly since I was very active and had what I thought was a healthy diet. I thought it was something I would have to live with for the rest of my life and started to learn to live with it.

Yadi and I both got very sick in October 2015 and he created the Pyramid Protocol to help the boost the immune system function and remove inflammation to heal from the illness faster. I decided to try it since he was having great results.

After going through the program twice, I went from a size 12 to a size 6! My pants kept falling down because the belly I had wasn’t there anymore. I started wearing belts to keep my pants up, and eventually I broke down and bought new pants. The belly that I had wasn’t fat after all. It was inflammation. That protruding belly hasn’t come back and I didn’t have to kill myself with exercise in order to get rid of it.


When fecal waste doesn’t move out of the bowels, where does it go? Nowhere!! It dries, sticks to the colon and starts to pile up. Then, your abdomen grows outward. There can be up to 25 pounds of old fecal matter in your intestines!! If you wake up in the morning and you don’t have bowel movement within 15 minutes, you have constipation. If you have to take a stimulant to get your bowels to move, you have constipation. If you eat 3 times a day, and only have one bowel movement a day, you have constipation!!

Water retention

Swelling Edema in Left Leg Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Sometimes you might hear this called edema. If you feel like you have fat ankles, or your calves are so swollen that you can’t wear your pants comfortably, there might be a problem with the way your body metabolizes water. That is a kidney and bladder issue, not fat. There are several reasons that kidneys cannot process the water that is going in: kidney stones, an infection, actually damage to the kidneys themselves, dehydration just to name a few.


Bloated stomach Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Feel your stomach. Yes, put your hands on it and apply some pressure. Does it feel like a balloon that has a bit too much air in it? Or that it’s so firm you could bounce a quarter off of it? This is bloating. Bloating occurs when there is trapped gas, and there are several reasons why that would be an issue. Undigested fermenting food, an infection and fluid retention are a few of the most common ones. So relieving the trapped gas and the substance that is causing the gas usually results in a much flatter abdomen in a very short period of time!

How do you determine if you have fat or something else?
Fat develops over time, and as a result, getting rid of it will take time. Fat feels spongy and is malleable when you move it. Bloating, water retention and inflammation could happen shortly after eating something you are allergic to or have an intolerance to, eating too fast, or consuming too much salt or sugar. Constipation you will usually feel in a day or so. There are a few other questions you can ask yourself if you are trying to pinpoint whether what you are feeling is fat or something else.

Often times, it’s not easy to determine the root cause of issues like bloating or inflammation. It’s ok to ask for help from a trusted practitioner that understands the signs that the body is presenting to you. Finding the root cause and fixing the problem can save you lots of time trying to figure it out all by yourself and trying supplements and procedures that may or may not work. The reason we like our 7 systems of reflexology is that it’s based on a system that has been used, tested and has been very accurate for many thousands of years and it is still working extremely well to this modern day!

The Pyramid Protocol Charlotte Acu Bodywork

Our Pyramid Protocol Program has helped hundreds of clients lose weight naturally by increasing absorption of nutrients and increasing efficiency of waste removal!

You deserve to feel great in your body and we’ll be glad to help you!
Schedule an appointment so you can get started on your path to vibrant health!

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