Universal Nei Gong Vol. 1


The INTERNAL ENERGY most QiGong, Tai Chi and Yoga is missing.
One hour of instruction on the IDA/PINGALA + FIVE ELEMENTS Nei Kung, by Teacher Yadi Alamin aka The QiGong Therapist.
  1. Develop TRUE Qi flow.  Not superficial “only in your hands”.
  2. Sharpen intuition and creativity.
  3. Immediately improve your energy body.
  4. Remove Toxic Qi picked up from other people, clients or outside forces.
  5. Harmonize and protect yourself ENERGETICALLY without buying Talisman, Amulets and gadgets.
  6. Take your QiGong, Tai Chi, Yoga practice DEEPER than ever!
  7. Clean your meridians.  Dredge your channels.
  8. Develop Qi that penetrates into the central channel to open and clear Chakras.
  9. Sleep/Waking energy dramatically change.
  10. Learn to “see” through your hands.
  11. Control your heart rate.
  12. Control your body temperature.
The Story of Universal Nei Kung:
Years back, I was being trained in QiGong (Chee Gong) by a Teacher from China.  He showed me a ton of exercises for my internal organs, some breathwork, and lots of stances to stand in for hours a day.  He told me this was necessary for “High Level” Energy.
He had the ability to touch you ANYWHERE, and give you a strong sensation of “electricity” in any part of you!  He could touch your ear, and make your toes tingle.  His demonstrations were daily, and they amazed me.
When I got the nerve to ask him to show me how to do that, he smiled and said “keep practicing, I’ll show you Nei Kung later”.  He never showed me ANYTHING ELSE!
I searched all over the internet, buying programs, going to seminars, looking for anyone who had the “Nei Kung”, only to find a handfull of people who taught totally different systems.
Some said “Nei Kung” is holding stances, doing small movements, or just breathing.  None of them had the skill my first teacher did!  I gave up and kept practicing my QiGong.
In 2008, as a gift for my birthday, my teacher (now Japanese) told me about his Tibetan arts.  Using his own knowledge of Martial Arts, Reiki, Traditional Medicine and Western Anatomy, he showed me how to use the mind to activate REAL energy in the body.  This wasn’t “guided imagery”!  He would show you how to make your hand heat up and turn red with your mind in seconds.
I was convinced Nei Kung was not a specific tradition, but a system of principles that work in cooperation with your MIND, BODY AND CONSCIOUSNESS.  It took years of practice to develop the skill, and I’ve thrown many exercises away that wasted time, or didn’t do anything for me.
When I became a REAL clinician (2007), I got sick a lot.  Learning Nei Kung kept and KEEPS me well and strong.  No pills, medicine or sorcery work.
UNIVERSAL NEI KUNG is a set of UNIVERSAL principles:  Fundamentals of every higher Energy System put into action.  This story is real.  Universal Nei Kung works like magic.  Not Magic, KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL.
The Universal Nei Kung system is designed for people who come in contact with constant stress and mental/physical challenge.  If you’re a Massage Therapist, Nurse, Police Officer, Doctor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist or Social Worker, you will gain great advantage to practice these.

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